Data Science Projects

Problem Solving

R Shiny Application built using R as a dynamic solution to pen and paper production floor audits and lack of transparency into audit performance. The app provides unlimited space for auditor notes and an automated reporting tool for management and led to 50% faster audit times and 70% more on-time submissions from auditors

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Data Science

Using Python to explore, clean, and analyze data from a direct marketing campaign for a Book Club looking to implement Machine Learning into their optimization strategy. The analysis focuses on building machine learning models, evaluating the results, and creating actionable insights for the stakeholders to consider

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Data Visualization

I created a PowerBI Dashboard to help a friend visualize and analyze their spending habits. We gained better insight into where their money has gone over the years and helped them to better monitor their personal KPIs. This project utilizes advanced DAX expressions, data cleaning in Power Query, and an eye catching design. If you have a Microsoft account you can view the project else please view the PDF

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A key strengthening to my learning has been tutoring. In my attempts to teach someone else I solidify my own understanding of the topic. I post on about some of my data journeys and projects. It’s also a great way for me to reflect on how far I have progressed in my data knowledge. I post regularly on data topics I find interesting or projects and skills I wish to document

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